Kamori Goat Facts

Kamori Goat Profile

The Kamori goat is a breed of domestic goat found in the Sindh province of Pakistan. They are an exceptionally rare breed and are very highly sought after for their distinctive appearance.

Perhaps the most astounding feature of the Kamori goat are their huge, dangling ears which hang well below their shoulders. This is especially impressive as Kamori goats have very extended necks which accentuates how long their ears really are.

Kamori goats are highly prized in the communities in which they live. They are a hardy breed, very rare and have beautiful colouration with shades of brown fur covered with coffee-coloured splotches all over their body.

kamori goat facts
Photo credit: Narejo Goat Farm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiWk1tDa1IY)

Kamori Goat Facts Overview

Habitat: Tropical and sub-tropical areas
Location: Native to Pakistan
Lifespan: 15 years
Size: Height 60cm at the shoulder
Weight: Around 50kg
Color: Brown with coffee coloured patches
Diet: Herbivorous grazers, feeding on grass and young trees and shrubs
Predators: Wild bear and leopard
Top Speed: 14 kph (9 mph)
No. of Species:
Conservation Status:
Not listed

As well as their long eye-catching ears, Kamori goats have a very distinctive body shape, with a long neck, robust body and slightly bulging noses. Some of the most unique and interesting individuals in this breed can sell for several thousand American dollars.

Like most domestic goats, they prefer to be in large herds and are very sociable animals. Most groups are led by the dominant male, who is usually the biggest and the individual most likely to fight other males to show off his strength.

It is thought that the Kamori goat breed originated many decades ago in their native Pakistan. They are mainly used as milk goats but are also bred for their meat. Kamori goats are also hardy animals and therefore can tolerate quite harsh climatic changes.

As they are so rare, Kamori goats are not easily confused with other breeds. As well as their beautiful coat pattern and massive ears, they are very big in size and also have large twisted horns. There are cross breeds of the Kamori but they lack some of the features which make Kamoris so sought after.

Young Kamori goats are well known for their cuteness and excitable nature. It is quite common for female goats to give birth to twins and mothers are very protective of their kids. Baby Kamori goats already have the uniquely long ears when they are born but lack the bulging nose long necks.

Much like most goats, the Kamori is an excellent feeder, leaving poisonous and less nutritious vegetation and grazing or browsing on the highest quality grass or shrubs. They are ruminants which means they are able to extract as many nutrients from their food as possible and this allows them to sustain their impressive body size.

Because this breed of goat is so highly sought after and are cherished in their home country, there are relatively few Kamoris found outside of Pakistan. In Pakistan they are treasured and the farmers who own them are very proud of their herds, taking excellent care of them and even showing them off in livestock markets.

Interesting Kamori goat Facts

1. Their ears can hang all the way to the floor

Especially when they are young and haven’t grown into their ears, Kamori goat ears are some of the longest for their body size, in the world.

Kamori Goat ears

2. Some females are milk machines

Some female Kamoris have been known to produce up to 2 litres of milk a day. 1

3. Kamori goats are the most expensive goat breed in the world

Not everyone can afford a Kamori goat, some sell for over 1,000 usd for one individual. 2

4. They are good climbers, but their ears hold them back

Although they are able to climb on top of rocks and trees, Kamori goat ears sometimes get in the way.

5. They love dogs

Due to wild predators and livestock thieves, most Kamori herds are protected by shepherding dogs. It is not uncommon to see a goat and its guard dog lying down together.

6. Both male and female Kamori goats can have horns

Kamori goats can grow long, extravagant, twisted horns but farmers usually dehorn the goats so they don’t cause damage to one another. 3

7. Kamori goats are calm and docile

Perhaps because the farmers take such good care of these rare goats, Kamori goats have developed a relaxed and friendly nature around people.

8. They need a lot of space to thrive

Getting enough food to feed their large bodies is not easy and when grazing, Kamori goats need large enclosures or pastures so they have enough to feed on.

Kamori Goat Fact-File Summary

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Genus: Capra
Species Name:
Capra Aegagrus Hircus

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